Build a Kitchen Kit: Some families who come to the PROP Shop are starting over and need kitchen essentials to get started. Follow these steps described by local Girl Scouts who created this project for their Silver Awards.

Bakers: Our events almost always involve homemade treats, and we need your help to provide them. If you like to bake, sign up by emailing, and we’ll request your help via email as needed. Then let us know what, if anything, you would like to make.

Book Club Liaison: Join our Book Club Action Network. Three to four times a year an email goes out to the BCAN liaisons who forward it to their book club members. This email identifies a need (towels, socks, etc.) in the client room and BCAN members can opt to participate this time or not.

Knitters: Our clients always need dish cloths, pot holders, winter hats, and mittens.

Secret Shoppers: Sign up to receive periodic emails listing specific items needed by local families in need. If there is an item you are willing to purchase, just email back and purchase the item within a week or so. You can drop off your donation at the PS any time we’re open or at one of several Eden Prairie drop sites. You can opt out any time. Sign up by contacting

LARK Groups: Ladies Acts of Random Kindness (LARK) groups adopt one month a year. When it’s your group’s month, we inform you of a need (a double stroller, a vacuum cleaner, etc.). If your group is interested, you ask for a small donation from everyone the next time you meet and purchase the needed item for the PROP Shop. Book clubs, neighborhood associations, extended families, service organizations all fit the bill.

Donation Drive: Organize a drive for a particular item the PROP Shop is in need of. Past groups have collected utensils, coats, kitchen-ware, etc. Send an email to or call 952-224-7051 to discuss details.

Fundraisers: Host or plan a fundraiser. This can be a small gathering or a big blow out. You let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Church Liaison: Help get the word out to your church community in whatever way you feel works best at your church. We’ll send you an email with what we’d like your congregation to know and you can forward the information in whatever way you feel best (church bulletin, study groups, youth groups, etc).

Community Group Liaison: Be our liaison to a group you are already a member of. Help get the word out to your organization. This job can be a big or as small as you make it. We would love to have a way to communicate with local clubs (book clubs, bunko, garden, mom’s groups, red hat, birthday, dinner, neighborhood associations and the like) and service organizations (Rotary, Lions, Optimists, etc.). We’ll send you an email with news, and you can forward the email or mention it at your next meeting. Alternatively, you can arrange for us to speak at your next gathering or set up a tour for your group.

Please email for more information about any of these programs.