These are items we especially need for our Family Services Room. In order to maintain our clients’ dignity, all donations should be in good condition (would you give it to a friend?). To ensure these items go straight to local families in need, please label your donation of these items: “Attention: Secret Shopper.”  Thank you for your support of the PROP Shop!

Blankets and bed sheets are DESPERATELY NEEDED (all sizes)
Small dollar amount gift cards to local stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Cub Foods etc. (for emergency needs, holiday and birthday gifts for teens)

New or gently used women’s bras and sports bras
Women’s new underwear is needed in sizes 6, 7, and 8
New men’s new boxers in small, medium, large sizes
New underwear for children – all sizes
New or gently used socks – all sizes
Towels – bath towels critical
Adult clothing in larger sizes.
Winter Coats for children – all sizes (needed all year long)
Winter Coats for adults – small through 2x (needed all year long)
Mattress Pads (full and queen sizes)
Cooking pots
Kitchen fry pans
Children’s sneakers (all sizes)
Small personal appliances (hairdryers, hair staighteners and curling irons )
Small kitchen appliances (coffee pots, irons, toasters, etc. )
Rugs of all types
Small kitchen appliances (example: toasters, mixers, blenders and irons)
Mops, brooms, dust pans, and general cleaning supplies
Bed frames (all sizes)
Beds (please call ahead 952-224-7051)
Kitchen Table & Chair Sets (please call ahead 952-224-7051)
Dressers (please call ahead 952-224-7051)