The PROP Shop can also use your help by donating other sorts of things…

  • Join our Secret Shopper program and meet specific needs of the families that we serve. You’ll receive an email once a month asking if you can find the size 5 tennis shoes or the toaster that a family needs. Please contact Julie at 952-224-7051 to join.
  • Bring in some treats for our volunteers. Volunteers are the reason the PROP Shop keeps its doors open; please help thank them.
  • Donate your paper grocery bags. We use them in our Family Services Room and at the cash wrap.
  • Distribute brochures. Pass out PROP Shop brochures and business cards at work, church, book club, bunko, neighborhood groups, etc.
  • Book the PROP Shop to speak at your group’s next meeting or schedule a tour of the PROP Shop for your group if you prefer. Contact Vicki at 952-224-7051 to discuss details.
  • Sign up for our monthly emails. You can sign up on the welcome page of our web site.
  • Join our Facebook fan page at And suggest it to your friends as well.
  • Organize a small (or large) fundraiser. Contact Vicki at 952-224-7051 to discuss details.
  • Tell your friends to come shop at the PROP Shop!

Thank you for everything you do!