We need to emphasize that we are looking for gently used clothing, furniture and other household items. If they are in good shape, we would love them! We have limited space so we request that you call with furniture donations as well as large loads. Please call ahead regarding furniture donations. Due to space limitations we sometimes have to turn away wonderful items. If you call ahead, we can figure out what will work best for everyone.

The PROP Shop welcomes your gently used:
Seasonal clothing in all sizes
Shoes and boots
Furniture (please call ahead before donating any furniture items, 952-224-7051)
Jewelry & watches
Towels and linens
Quilts & bedspreads
Toys and games
CDs & DVDs
Dishes and utensils
Pots and pans
Formal dresses

Unfortunately we are unable to store clothing from a different season.

Limited pick-ups of furniture items is available. Please call 952-224-7051 to discuss your furniture pieces and schedule availability. Our pick-ups are limited to the local area, primarily Eden Prairie and Chanhassen; please call 952-224-7051 for specific zones.

The PROP Shop is unable to accept:

Automotive products
Baby walkers
Building materials
Christmas trees
Cribs and car seats
Diaper pails
Entertainment centers
Exercise equipment
Hard suitcases
Household chemicals
Lighting requiring hard wiring
Potty chairs
Sofa beds
Sporting Goods
Tree stands
Water beds
Window treatments

If the PROP Shop is unable to take your items, please know that we appreciate your thinking of us. If you click here, we have suggestions for alternative donation sites.

Have questions?
E-mail: info@propshopep.org or call 952-934-2323

The PROP Shop is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. FEIN: 72-1621252.