two kids under blanket

Beds mean a good night's sleep for the kids of our community.

The PROP Shop mission: To provide basic support for families in need through volunteers, community, and other organizations.

Our impact can be measured in a variety of ways.

Basic Support for Families in Need
We have assisted 1,986 families since our opening.
We have over 700 active client families.

We have given to our clients:

  • 50,808 bags of basic items (clothing, dishes, bedding, etc.)
  • 1,099 beds
  • 1,940 other pieces of furniture (dressers, kitchen tables, etc.)

In February 2015, 265 families used the Family Services Room; 7 were new families to the PROP Shop. The PROP Shop gave out
31 pieces of furniture (tables,dressers, and couches); 6 families received 7 beds.
1,007 bags of clothing and housewares were given away to local families in need this month.

Volunteer Opportunities
We have 350 active volunteers.  Over 2,000 volunteers have helped the PROP Shop since our opening in 2007.

Thank you to our supporters (volunteers, donors, shoppers, and community partners) for making such a difference in the lives of our neighbors!